Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 2016 Stitch-In

Susan P.

Well...I've certainly been away from this apologies! I've been busy contemplating the next five weeks...getting prepared for lots of classes and events (which I'll highlight in future posts).

Today was a nice respite...getting together for the August Stitch-In!

Susan P.: Cheese cloth and stitching.

Susan P. is continuing to work on her black and white squares...the series originally started in my Hand Stitching class... I just love what she is doing. Deceptively simple but effective compositions...only 4" squares...but can't you just imagine these larger?

Susan P.

Susan P.
 Ann Z. brought in her now finished piece from last month. It is so rich with the addition of many Running Stitches.

Ann Z: Finished piece
Ann is off for a two week trip to Ireland. She decided to start a piece called, "Pilgrimage" and will use it as a stitch journal during her travels. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Ann Z: Pilgrimage

Jodie continued on her piece from last month. I couldn't get a good new photo of it here is one I took last month. I love all the patterns and textures and how she is using her stitches to integrate the two.

Jody F.

This was Helen B.'s first time at the Stitch-In. She just finished a piece based on a drawing of a map of Anchorage, Alaska. What a great idea!

Helen B.: Anchorage map
Helen B.: Detail

During the Stitch-In she began a new piece jumping off from a sterling silver pin design (which she inherited). She is planning to incorporate the pin into the stitched piece. This got us talking about jewelry inherited from mothers and grandmothers and how one might create pieces (of jewelry; of art) that would honor those precious possessions.

Helen B: Using a silver pin for inspiration.

Peggy G. brought in a piece that she started in a class at Artistic Artifacts...piecing a quilt top (or hanging) which used a batik panel as the focal point. Judy Gula, owner of Artistic Artifacts also owns Batik Tambal..and the shop has quite an array of gorgeous batiks from a number of Indonesian artists.

Peggy G.

Peggy is adding hand stitched details and plans to hand quilt it. Lots of hours of stitching ahead!

Peggy G.: Notice the stitched details (white on white).

I brought in two of my "swatch" books from the summer and continued adding stitching. I'll be sure to show you more about them and a book about my grandmother's sewing basket in a future post.

Julie B.: Swatch book about Cape Cod.

Looking forward to next month's Stitch-In!


  1. What interesting beginnings...I look forward to updates!

    1. Hi Mary Ann- I look forward to seeing what everyone is doing each month. Esp curious about what Ann will do on her trip to Ireland.

  2. I find Susan P's series most appealing, exploring an idea in detail while making very appealing individual pieces. Bravo! And thanks to you for sharing them with us.