Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stitch-In July 2016

Ann Z: From her travels out west.

Just a quick post before I head off to Virginia Beach to spend time with my dear friend Laura.

We had a great Stitch-In this month. Lots of helpful (to me) discussion about upcoming classes. I was able to bounce some ideas off of Ann Z., Susan P., Barbara M-C., and Jodie F. ...especially about my new version of Story Cloth that focuses on memory. Thanks ladies!

Here are the pieces that were being stitched and shared at the Stitch-In:

Ann Z.: Detail. 
Ann Z. was working on a landscape. She fell in love with the red earth in Oklahoma from her most recent visit to see family.

Barbara M-C.: Bookmarks
Barbara brought along some stitched bookmarks using satin stitch...a stitch she learned while growing up in Hungary.

She also is continue to work on a "word-a-day" piece using some of her indigo dyed fabric.

Barbara M-C.: Word a Day
Barbara M-C.: Detail
Jodie brought along this piece...part of a series she is working on. BTW...Jodie is being featured in my upcoming issue of Julie B Booth Surface Design News in a new section I'm calling, The Stitching Zone. The issue comes out on Sunday.

Jodie F.
Susan P. is continuing to work on her pieces from my spring Hand Stitching class. Aren't they fabulous! If you're interested in the taking the class this on the highlighted words above.

Susan P.: Using an unusual ribbon as inspiration.
Susan P.: Couching
Susan P.
Susan P.: Stitching over sheers.
I brought the book that I created at Cape Cod and some other stitched samples I'm working on for my Boro and Beyond workshop that I'll be teaching in October. I'll be showing you how to make the book in my upcoming newsletter (be sure to subscribe in right-hand column...if you haven't already!)

Julie: Summer Memories Book
Julie : Soap resist.
Julie: Printing with shells
Julie: Sample for Boro and Beyond.
Off for some fun in the sun!


  1. Great work here that you have featured. Fall will bring new adventures!

    1. Just saw your comment Mary Ann...been busy and have to get back to the blog...thanks for commenting. I'm really looking forward to this fall! I have a VERY full schedule but I know that it will be lots of fun teaching some inspiring students!

  2. How would I get a copy of your design news?

    1. Hi gayle-the sign up is in right-hand column-julie