Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Images of Virginia Beach 2016

It's just over a week since I returned from my annual visit to see my friend, Laura, who lives in Virginia Beach.

It's always a special time for me...to visit with my friend. We first met at the local pool club when my son, Aaron and her son Nathan were babies. The two of us became close friends. I recently found photos from when Aaron and Nate were just under a year old. I also found some of the poetry that I wrote when Laura and I had regular writing get-togethers. Guess what I'm trying to say...is that my friendship with Laura runs deep.

During my visit, we spent lots of time outdoors on nature walks and cooling off in the ocean and the bay.

I got to admire Laura's flower garden...

And, of course, had the annual tour of Brian's vegetable garden.

These yellow tomatoes were SO sweet!

I enjoyed lots of yummy vegetable meals (and also some delicious meals out).

Sign on wall at the restaurant.

On the last full day of my visit, Laura and I spent some time printing fabrics. I can't believe that I didn't take any photos! She worked on a piece with printed trees that looked like hands that were lifting up a creature that was fish-like (again...how did I NOT take a photo of this!). She also started on a piece about her grandmother using lots of green (her grandmother's favorite color) and printing with Hibiscus...a favorite flower. I got involved in making another cloth book. I spent time printing the "edges" of things.

Laura and Lucy

On the last evening (at sunset), we went down to the ocean beach for a swim and a last walk...though Lucy, the dog had other plans...running off and greeting everyone on the beach!

Here are a few other things I want to remember...
--Cracking and eating my first crabs (I'm a lobster girl remember) at a surprise birthday party (for one of Laura's friends)
--Gorging on the most amazing home-made ice cream cake (I need that recipe).
--Riding bicycles with Laura and Brian at dusk.
--Watching a watermelon deflate (yes...that was an experience! It was rotting from the inside (unknown to us) and had a very slow leak. Laura inspected it...put it back down on the counter and then I watched it quickly deflate, leaking all over the place!)

Thank you my dearest friend!

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