Sunday, September 4, 2016

Celebration of Textiles!

Star fruit, limes,  and corn.

Yesterday was my first teaching event of a five-weekends-in-a-row teaching marathon!

Lots of activity at my printing hands-on.

I was at Celebration of Textiles, the annual event at The Textile Museum where fiber is the focus. There are demos of fiber techniques including needle felting (by my friend, Erika Cleveland--who makes incredible felt dolls and sculptures), weaving, knitting, quilting and spinning. This year, there was also African dancing and music (which I only heard). There was also my hands-on where folks could hand print a bandana using veggies and fruit, craft foam stamps and textures.

Some of the fruits and veggies for printing.

The hands-on was definitely a hit! We started with at least 100 blank color bandanas and used them all. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the helpful volunteers and especially to my great friend, Laura Freeman. Laura was the perfect person to help out since she is a pre-school teacher (very organized and patient!). The crazy wind gust were our only challenge...which I'm assuming had to do with hurricane Hermine.

Here is a selection of the printed bandanas. It was really interesting to see families interacting and in some cases the results were a group effort.

I had to laugh at one sweet little toddler who managed to paint more of himself than his bandana!

And leave it to kids to come up with some fabulous painted designs...

One young boy walked away wearing his bandana as a super hero cape....Perfect!


  1. It looks like great fun! I am especially interested in the corn rolling.

    1. Hi Linda- It was hectic but a lot of fun. Corn rolling is wonderful. Have that and lots of other ideas for using kitchen materials in my book, Fabric Printing at Home.

  2. What a wonderful event! I hope your marathon is going smoothly & on course!