Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hand Stitching ...A Fresh Start to a New Semester!

Love the multiple layers in this background by Claudia E.!

Students are off to a great start this spring session. This time Hand Stitching is an evening class and instead of five 5-hour daytime sessions we'll be doing seven 3-hour sessions. That called for a bit of re-jiggering with the class lessons. This first class focused entirely on painting backgrounds...still keeping within my imposed limitations of black, white and gray (though some brown unintentionally...and then intentionally sneaked in!). I also made a point this time to remind students to paint and print more than just the white cotton...including silk, linen, wool and cheesecloth that I made available.

Fabrics drying.
Such enthusiasm...we ran out of table space so resorted to the ironing board and shelves. This background by Christina H.
Claudia E.
Christina H.
I got into the act too! the piece on the right is cheesecloth with a piece of cotton fabric underneath.
Great motion in these lines by Kate G.
What great stitching potential I see in these backgrounds! Can't wait until next week when we start stitching...stay tuned!

 A beauty by Susan P. !
Rubbings by Susan P.


  1. Very interesting beginnings...will the threads also be black, white and gray?

    1. Hi Mary Ann- Yes to start. As the class progresses students can pick up to 2 additional colors. Trying to keep the emphasis on the stitches and what you can do with them.

  2. Backgrounds are cool! Should be fun to hand stitch!

    1. Yes...great backgrounds and stitching starts this Wednesday. Can't wait!