Monday, April 18, 2016

April Stitch-In...Goodbye Teaism!

A detail of Alice's piece.

Sunday was the Stitch-In...our last one at Teaism which will be closing in a week. Our group will miss this spot...with it's great light and tables...We'll especially miss the big wood table with the square cloth cushions...a great gathering spot. Next month, we'll try out a new place...and perhaps another the following month...until we find another good fit.

It was a gorgeous spring day, so I do appreciate that Susan P., Laurie T. and Alice A. came by to stitch and share. Laurie and Alice were in the most recent Healing Cloth workshop and brought their cloths along to stitch on. Susan is in the Hand Stitching class this semester and brought along her first stitching assignment.

Alice is working on a piece that brings back childhood memories of a favorite "special" spot...a meadow with a large glacial rock. When she told me about this memory...I couldn't help but think of my own childhood memories of hanging out in the woods, the large rocks in our side yard that seemed to form a castle, a large neighborhood field with cattails and areas of squishy mud, the swampy pond at the end of our street and the small creeks that ran into it. Alice is planning to add a small bird (or two). One will be on her hand. This piece is already so evocative...I can't wait to see how it continues.

Alice's piece so far.
Some stitched details. The blouse is part of a Mexican embroidery she inherited.

Laurie stitched on some of the details for her piece. These dimensional flowers will be appliqued to the larger cloth and she plans to stitch a beautiful poem to complete the piece. While working on the flowers, she was reminded her mother's blouse which had free-standing pansy appliques.

Laurie's dimensional flower appliques.
Another how this pop's off the fabric!

It's amazing how stitching fabric can connect one to vivid memories!

Susan is working away on the Line theme for Hand Stitching. She brought in two completed pieces and started working on a third. Aren't these great!

Susan's Line Challenge piece.
Susan's Line Sampler piece.

I stitched backings onto some more of my book pages. The next step will be to complete borders and bindings. My goal is to have the book completed by the end of April.

I also brought along some recent purchases from Fiber on a Whim...hand-dyed cheesecloth and burlap! I'm just imagining these with stitching!

Hand-dyed burlap and cheesecloth from Fiber on a Whim.
Love the gradations of color in these cheesecloth fat quarters! Can't wait to play with them!


  1. Hi Julie...your work is lovely! Thank you for the link to the dyed cheese cloth. Wonderful! Looking forward to reading your blog.

    1. Hi Susan- Thanks for commenting! Got the info about Fiber on a Whim fr one of my students who brought some of the cheesecloth into class...just had to buy some!