Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Year of Stitch-ins

Ann Z.'s Healing Cloth detail.

This past Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the Stitch-In! It's been such a warm and sharing community and I look forward to getting together each month.

One year of stitching together!

We met on Easter Sunday (because I'd been teaching all the previous weekends)...so we had a small group. But what fun to sit and stitch and share ideas and books.

And what a small world we live in! It turns out that new Stitch-In member, Amy P. created the ketubah (Jewish marriage contract...often a work of art) for Cheryl C.'s wedding! The chat between the two of them revealed lots of connections...including the fact that Cheryl is designing the new playground for Amy's son's school!

Amy brought in an old hand-stitched pillowcase created by her grandmother. The case had a bad stain so Amy is re-purposing it to become an Afikomen (Matzoh) cover. What a great idea for creating a new family heirloom out of an old one!

Amy P. is turning this into a new heirloom.

Amy also brought in a fish mola to share with the group. Aren't those colorful layers wonderful!

Cheryl spent the afternoon practicing her Fly Stitch, she wants to use the stitch to add roots to the tree in her Healing Cloth.

Cheryl practiced Fly Stitch this month.

Cheryl also brought in a special surprise for Ann Z....a sweet little knit (Easter) bunny. The bunny was knit by Cheryl's aunt many years ago...and Cheryl decided to add the special details to give this bunny lots of character!

Happy Easter!

A special congrats to Cheryl for landing a book contract!

Ann Z. continued to work on the Healing Cloth that she started in the workshop I gave the weekend before. I love where this piece is going.

Ann's Healing Cloth in process.

Ann had a number of interesting books to share with us. One of the best parts of getting together is that we all share a love for beautiful art and craft books.

I forgot to take photos of what I was working on..the covers for my stitch sampler book.
Here are some recent shots I took while sitting outside on a gorgeous (but windy) Thursday.

Detail of inside back cover.
Outside back cover.
Looking forward to many more Stitch-Ins!


  1. I wish I lived closer! Sounds like so much fun.

    1. Hi Beth- It's really been a great experience. This is such a welcoming group..no matter who shows up...lots of great conversation and stitching!