Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stories Starting and Getting into Stitching

Amy P.: Liquid soap resist. that post title may sound a bit confusing...but I am trying to have an easy-ish day after teaching back-to-back classes yesterday!

The great thing is ...I have two wonderful groups of students. In the morning, I'm teaching, To Tell a Story with Cloth and in the evening, Hand Stitching. I'm so glad that I set up the classes up that way. The morning class is very active and full of color and the evening class is a slower pace with thoughtful stitching.

So here's what went on yesterday...

In Story Cloth, we started by painting backgrounds and creating our first print blocks. The premise of the class is for the story to unfold...that we set the scene and the characters start to show up. Some colorful beginnings, that's for sure!

Kathy F.: Liquid soap resist.
Marine L.: Foam brush painting.
Kathy B.: Stamping with craft foam.
Jan B. salted fabric.
Jan B.: Moldable foam block prints over liquid soap resist.
Karen M.: Detail using craft foam blocks.
Hattie B.: Hot glue, craft foam and moldable foam block prints.
A pile of print blocks I brought to share with the class.

In Hand Stitching, we started stitching, focusing on line stitches. This time round, I had the students do the first Journal Prompt in class...A Line Can Be... then we started with the stitches. I think that this was a good change to the format. The students got into playing/doodling lines and I know that they will be applying this playful attitude to their stitching!

My Journal Prompt drawings for lines.
Christina H.'s Journal Prompt drawings.
Christina H.: Line stitch sampler beginnings.
Claudia E.'s Journal Prompt.
Claudia E.: Line stitch sampler beginnings.
Kate G: Line Stitch sampler.
Kate G.: Stem stitch challenge.
Susan P.: Journal Prompt.
Susan P.: Line stitch sampler beginnings.

Apologies to Lee and Peggy...who both had lovely painted backgrounds that I somehow missed photographing. I'll be sure to include you in the next post.


  1. How wonderful it would be to be there-stitching with cloth mates!

    1. Hi Hazel- It is so wonderful to share the day painting, printing and stitching with all these wonderful women...all so very talented! I had the opportunity to share the piece I just purchased fr you and talk about personal symbolism. Thanks again...I treasure your piece!

  2. You reference "Journal Prompts"...sorry...but wht do you mean by this term?

    1. Hi Renate- Part of my stitching class entails a journal in which students can have a "dialog" with their stitching. As part of that, I give them a "journal prompt" idea to get them sketching or writing... each class. In the case of lines, I gave them a list entitled, "A Line Can Be..." with a list of adjectives. For the journal prompt, I had them illustrate the adjectives. They could then use that as a jumping off pt for stitching.