Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Stories

This past Wednesday, was the last class of the Spring session of my Fabric Painting, Printing, and Stitching to Tell a Story with Cloth (aka Story Cloth). I wanted to share what students are working on and some of their plans (after all...stitching takes a while!)...

There seemed to be a common theme among a number of students...that theme was family...and maybe even more specifically, motherhood.

Peggy G.'s mother is about to celebrate her 95th birthday. Peggy decided to create a stitched book honoring her mother. She is designing the format so that pages can be added as she completes them.

Judy G.'s mother left a legacy of written journals, poetry and family "sayings". Judy is also working towards creating a book. Her first piece focuses on the places where her mother lived as a girl and young woman...

The second piece is based on a poem her mother wrote about being a "Yellow Dog Democrat".

Ann Z.'s granddaughter is a new foster mother...fostering three young children. Ann decided to create some colorful pieces with help the children feel more "at home".

Ann is also almost finished with her wonderful Seasons Mandala piece from the Fall 2014 Story Cloth session. She's added a number of additional details and painted the background.

And here is a new piece that Ann is working on for herself...

Judy M. had a great time printing with her Gelli Plate and blocks made from adhesive craft foam (fun foam).

I see the beginnings of many stories and especially love this piece with the net and fish.

Kathy P. also has plans for a the matriarch of her family she is planning a book that will include appliqued hands of all her family members. She is asking them to trace their hands and plans to make a cloth book for each family using cloth that she's painted and printed in class. In the meantime, Kathy designed some colorful fish fabrics that may be turned into cloth napkins.

All in all, an imaginative and productive group of story tellers. I really enjoyed teaching this class and can't wait for another round of Story Cloth...which will be this coming Fall! Hope some of you will join me.


  1. Thanks for sharing your students stories! they have inspired me!

    1. Hi Carol- They inspired me, as well! I absolutely LOVE teaching this class..each session the students seem to go in new and interesting directions.