Sunday, May 17, 2015

African (and a little Latin too!) Influences

Detail of fabric by Deborah H.

Today I taught a small group of students. It was a combo of both my African Influences and my Latin American Influences classes. In both those classes, I have students "jump off" from traditional textiles from those parts of the world.

We spent the morning painting fabric backgrounds and then created a number of different types of print blocks. I always have my students print a sampler to test out their block designs before working on some final fabric designs. Here are the samplers:

Sampler by Deborah H.
Sampler by Cynthia B.

Sampler by Wendy R.

And here are some final fabrics.

Fabric by Deborah H.
Fabric by Cynthia B.

Fabric by Cynthia B.

Fabric detail by Cynthia B.

Fabric by Wendy R.

We all agreed that it would have been great to have another hour to print...or maybe even another entire day!!!

Thanks for a great class!


  1. Replies
    1. It was fun! As usual, I tried to pack too much into the time frame...but a nice group of students.