Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day #11: Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt Update #1

We've made it to Day #11 on the Hunt. It's the FINAL REVEAL DAY! I'm hoping to see some awesome print combinations today. Can you imagine some of your Circle or Line prints combined with Rubbings? I can't wait!

Just a reminder that I'll be keeping this Mix It Up! Challenge along with the Circle, Line, Texture and Rubbing Print Challenges open through noon (Eastern USA time) tomorrow (Sunday, May 10...Mother's Day). Just click on any one of the above highlighted Challenge names and it will take you to the appropriate page. Leave a comment with your blog or Facebook post info and I'll link to your post. If you don't have a blog or Facebook page, email ( your challenge photos to me and I'll post them.

By taking part in any one of these Printing Challenges, you are eligible to win the following selection of books by Quarry (click on the captions to find out more information about each book):

Playing with Surface Design

Tangle Stitches for Quilters and Fabric Artists

The Paper Playhouse

And, of course...

Fabric Printing at Home

Now for the answers to yesterday's Guessing Game and Giveaway Challenge:

1. Pink: Strips of corrugated cardboard glued to cardboard; Blue circles: empty packing tape roll.

2. Gray and pink background: Rolled strips of corrugated cardboard glued to cardboard; Large blue circles: bottom of empty plastic applesauce container; Black: milk bottle top; Small blue circle in center of black: marker top.

3. Gray: Rolled tubes of paper glued to cardboard; Blue and Pink dots: Bottle cork.

4. Blue background: Lentils glued to cardboard; Pink circles: Top of take-out coffee cup; Black: Milk bottle top followed by C battery.

5. Blue: C Battery;  Pink and gray dots: Pencil eraser.

6. Pink background: Pasta glued to cardboard;  Blue and pink circles: Bottle cork.

How many did you guess correctly? (BTW there were some really great guesses yesterday!)

The winner of the final Guessing Game Giveaway of an X-acto knife with an extra pack of blades is Kathy Kinsella! Congrats! Please send me your mailing address so I can get your prize off to you (

Mix It Up! Challenge
Now it's time to see what you've come up with for your Mix It Up Prints! Please leave a comment below with a link to your prints or send me an email ( and I'll post your photos here. I'll be updating this post until noon (Eastern USA time) Sunday, May 10.

Let's make this last REVEAL DAY a huge color and texture smash!!

Karla has a colorful (beautiful!) album of Mix It Up! fabrics. Thanks for your continued participation, Karla!

Deb B. has a wonderful selection of Mix It Up! fabrics...she really got into the layers! Thanks so much for participating, Deb!

Don't forget that I'll announce the winner of the Grand Prize tomorrow at noon (Eastern USA time). Good luck to all you wonderful participants!!


  1. Hallo Everyone,
    thank you Julie for this great Challenge.
    Here is the Link for my last entry:

    Good luck to all participants and
    Greetings from Germany by Karla

    1. Hi Karla- Thanks so much for participating in so many (all?) of the challenges. I've really enjoyed seeing your wonderful work!

  2. Julie here is my final challenge and my mix it up prints! I had a lot of fun and learned some new techniques! Thanks again! They are just on my Facebook page this evening.

    1. Hi Deb- Thanks for jumping in and trying some new techniques. It's been so great having you take part in the Scavenger Hunt. I've enjoyed your creative "take" on the challenges.

    2. Thanks has been a fun one for me!