Monday, May 4, 2015

Day #6: Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt

We're at the half-way point in the Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt! Thank you Lynn, Karla and Deb for participating in the Line Prints Challenge. Take a look here at the imaginative prints they created with kitchen materials!

I hope that more of you will join in for the next printing challenge...Textures! Look around your kitchen and home for textured materials and print with them on either fabric or paper. Take a photo of your print(s) and post them to your blog or Facebook page tomorrow. Leave me a comment on tomorrow's Reveal day post and I will link to your post. You can also send me photos of your prints and I'll post them tomorrow ( Remember that your participation in any one of the Printing Challenges makes you eligible for the Grand Prize of four books from Quarry.

And now for the answers to the Guessing Game and Giveaway Challenge for the Line Prints (Day #4):
1. Rolled paper tubes glued to cardboard
2. Straws
3. Rubberbands wrapped around cardboard
4. Pasta glued to cardboard
5. Toothpicks glued to cardboard
6. String wrapped around cardboard
7. Strips of corrugated cardboard glued on edge to a piece of cardboard

The names were put into the hat and congratulations go to Gill! Thanks so much for playing the Guessing Game! Please contact me ( with your mailing information so I can send off your prize.

Just to get you thinking about Textures, today is the third Guessing Game and Giveaway Challenge
Here are my Texture Prints...

Can you guess what I used to create these prints?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think I used. By leaving a comment you'll be eligible to win two Detailer Writers.

These are great for drawing designs with paint ....or with kitchen resists! In Chapter 6: Irresistible: Fabric Resists Using Kitchen Ingredients in my book, Fabric Printing at Home I use these small plastic squeeze bottles to apply resists such as confectioners' sugar syrup and liquid soap. I'll be choosing a winner tomorrow morning. Good luck!


  1. This is very difficult today. I think the first could be Brokolie, then a grater? Number 3 is bubble wrap. Number 4 might stone plaster as in the picture with the plastic bottles? Number 5 looks great, but what is that ???? Number 6 could be pumpkin seeds and number 7 a pot sponge? I hope you understand what I mean.... ;-)
    Many greetings from Karla Köber

    1. Hi Karla...these are great guesses! I'll let you know the answers tomorrow.

  2. Wow so many ideas so little time !! I have to make some,