Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Roy Reminder....Green...TOMORROW!!!

How can it possible be that tomorrow is the third Thursday of April! Here I thought I had another week but no it IS in fact tomorrow. is your very late reminder that tomorrow's color is GREEN.

For those of you scratching your heads going...huh?...Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and I have a monthly blog hop searching for the colors of the rainbow (and beyond). Each month focuses on a color. We ask that you post some photos on your blog that highlight GREEN this month and either leave a comment here or on Jennifer's blog. We'll link to yours and others so you can see all the amazing varieties of GREEN. It's always a colorful treat so hope that you join in.

I may be a bit late myself...I teach a class this evening... and Jennifer is away with spotty internet (she won't be posting until the weekend) so we'll be extending the time to receive your entries to at least Sunday, April 19th at midnight (Eastern USA time). Let's hope we can all get caught up by then :)!

Looking forward to seeing lots of GREEN tomorrow.

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