Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just Gelatin and Cherry Blossoms

Malou's work table...great goodies for printing with gelatin!

Yesterday was a very full day...

The first half of the day, I had fun teaching my Just Gelatin class. It's impossible not to have a great time when it comes to monoprinting with gelatin! Here's what my two students, Marou and Suzanne, created in class...

Marou Q.: Silhouette print of string.
Marou Q.: Ghost print of string
Marou Q.

Marou Q.

Marou Q.: Lace print.
Suzanne B.: Goodies from her garden.
Suzanne B.
Suzanne B.: Bubble wrap!
Suzanne B.
During the second half of the day and into the late evening, I got to spend some time with my friend Laura B.-L. from Virginia Beach. It all started with a text message on Friday afternoon... Your book and others on display Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy and Creative Arts Conference Gateway Marriott. What r you doing tomorrow evening? I invite you to see Cherry blossoms...

What an unexpected treat to spend some time with my good friend! If you're from this area (Washington, DC), you know that it's a crazy time of year. People from all over the world come to see the cherry blossoms in bloom on the trees surrounding the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial. And of all the days to go see the cherry blossoms, the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival the craziest! Laura and I plopped ourselves right into the middle of all that crazy. Here are a few photos...the blossoms are really quite spectacular...


Laura and I enjoyed a long walk and talk and then a metro ride to Old Town Alexandria for dinner. A great day all around. I arrived back home at 11:00 PM...and boy were my "dogs" tired!


  1. What a wonderful, full day! Your students created some beautiful work (I especially love the use of lace), and even the workspace was a gorgeous still life of sorts. How perfect to have a Part II that began with a thoughtful cherry blossom invitation! (Future pieces inspired by all of those blossoms, perhaps?)

    1. Hi Lisa- I love the "still lifes" that come together when working with gelatin! The cherry blossoms were gorgeous...but the crowds were crazy! Folks want to commune with nature and instead are communing with crowds and traffic fumes! We had a great time though.