Monday, April 27, 2015

April Stitch-In

We had another Stitch-In yesterday. A couple of students from my fall Story Cloth (Fabric Painting, Printing and Stitching to Tell a Story with Cloth) class joined me. I have to say that they are really colleagues at this point. They have made some incredible pieces over the last year and continue to do so.

Here is what we shared yesterday...

Table runner or meditative wall piece by Barbara M.-C.
Detail of Barbara's piece
A new piece in the Ancients series by Susan P.
Detail of Susan's piece
I worked on my Peace Bird Alphabet (the letter "J")

We also shared some stitching books. Barbara talked about how she uses Pinterest as a springboard and finds images to sketch from...keeping all the sketches in one book for reference. Susan talked about the contrasts between working on her painting and on her stitched pieces. That she doesn't tend to name her paintings but that naming her stitched pieces gives her a closer connection to them. I talked about how to approach the pieces that I want to do about my Dad on the handkerchiefs. Their advice was very helpful.

I'm so glad we are having these get togethers...the discussions are so fulfilling...


  1. Nothing better than hand stitching or hand stitching with buds!!! Very interesting, cool works! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You said it! Love to see what everyone is working on...lots of sharing and great conversation!