Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day #2: Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Day #2 of the Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt. Today is the first Guessing Game and Giveaway Challenge. But first....have you found some kitchen items that will print circles?

Here's some of the items that I found in my kitchen.

I poked my head into the kitchen catchall drawer (we all have one!), the recycling bin and of course, the frig!

Are you curious about why I have a lime and a carrot in the above photo? I just want to remind you that cross-sections of some fruits and veggies will print circles! Chapter 3: Beyond the Potato Print: Using Vegetables and Fruit to Create Fabric Designs in Fabric Printing at Home is devoted to a whole bunch of fun ways to print with veggies and fruit to make awesome fabric designs!

Guessing Game Challenge
Do you know what items I used to make the fabric prints below? Make some guesses and leave a comment.

By leaving a comment, you'll be eligible to win a Testrite dense foam brayer. This is my favorite tool for applying paint to print blocks to create uniform prints. You have until midnight (Eastern USA time) to leave your comment. I'll be choosing a winner tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is also the day to post your Circle Prints for Challenge #1. Be sure to leave a comment on tomorrow's blog post with a link to your post (see this post for more information on the Scavenger Hunt). If you're not a fabric can print on paper (stamp pad or acrylic paint). Remember...taking part in the printing challenges makes you eligible for the grand prize! Also, remember that I'm happy to post some photos for you (

Can't wait to see all those Circles!!!


  1. In order, my guesses: plug, glass rim, bottom of a plastic bottle,
    cork, cut lemon, end of pencil, stickers & brayer rolled over.

  2. Guessing battery or bottom of highlighter (I see one in the photo), biscuit cutter or plastic lid, takeout coffee lid or plastic container bottom, cork, lime slice, eraser and stick-on labels. It all makes me wish I had the time right now for some printing.

  3. I can figure out all except the t tiny circles, I don't think that youn did them individually as they are too perfect, but don't see what made them! Love the lime I had not thought about doing that!

  4. Eraser heads, lemon slices, bottle caps and so much more!

  5. highlighter, masking tape roll, takeout coffee lid, cork, lime slice, 7 pencils with erasers bundled, stick-on labels

  6. I can see the use of a lime, jar lids, brayer rolled over adhesive dots, pencil erasers and carrot. What fun!

  7. Some fruit slices, maybe a carrot and lids of course!

  8. Slice of carrot, masking tape ring, Cork, lemon, pencil eraser, jar lid.