Sunday, March 15, 2015

Seasonal Cloth

It feels great to do some hand stitching. I mostly seem to do it at night in the hours before going to bed.

I'm finding it really relaxing.

Last night, I stitched a bunch on the new Equinox Cloth. I was surprised at how quickly the stitching went. I'm doing Invisible Basting which is really a variation of Running Stitch.

Tiny stitches on the front ...

Larger stitches on the back...

I'm really liking the sturdy feel of the stitched cloth and the subtle texture created by the cloth being slightly gathered by the stitching.

I've also spent some nights working on Early Spring. I'm stitching the border with tiny Back Stitches. This stitch takes time but I'm liking the results. I'm loosely following the printed background design and changing the direction of my stitches with a change in direction in the printed lines. I've been thinking that the stitching reminds me of making rows (furrows) in the dirt to plant seeds...which seems to fit right in with the theme of the piece.


  1. I'm still loving this piece..nothing better han hand work!!

    1. I've really enjoyed working on these...getting caught up in the feel and look of the stitched fabric. The woven piece is unusual for me but just wanted to try and see the effect. Also wanted to let the organic nature of it stand if there is a wrinkle in the fabric...let it be and stitch it down.