Saturday, March 14, 2015

Equinox Cloth

I was inspired today to start a new stitched cloth.

First, there was this piece on Jude Hill's blog. All that dark and light got me thinking about the vernal equinox coming and the balance between light and dark.

Then there is the fact that my Healing Cloth workshop is next weekend...just about the same time as the equinox. It seemed a fitting piece to start.

I've been toying around with placing a lace "mandala" in the center...but haven't found the right one yet.

This is an unusual piece for me..but I'm thinking that I like how it's starting. The tan fabrics were ones that I tea-dyed when I was preparing tea bags for last summer's tea books.

The blue is painted with some subtle resists using salt.


  1. Interesting! I'm so anxious to start 'reading' your book! I've already "looked at all the pictures"! Isn't that what you do when you first receive a book!

    1. Hi Robbie- Hope you enjoy it!...And yes...the pictures are what lure me in...every time!

  2. Exciting new piece the subtle tones of both the blue and tea dyed fabric and such a perfect match on the thread...on to the beauty of the equinox!