Thursday, March 19, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv #4: Yellow Final Update

Detail of painted dreidel.

It's the third Thursday of the month...time, once again,  to search for Mr. Roy G Biv (the colors of the rainbow)! The color this month is YELLOW.

I decided to focus on YELLOW items in my home. I had some beautiful late afternoon light to play with.

Ornate glass candlestick that belonged to my grandmother.
Flower made by my niece, Poppy.
Detail from stained glass box.
Yellow bead and ladybug box made by my friend, Beth.
Enameled piece by me!
Ceramic container that belonged to my grandmother.

If you'd like to join Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and me this month, post up to five YELLOW photos on your blog and leave a comment here or on Jennifer's blog. We'll link to your post for a colorful blog hop! I'll be updating this post through Saturday midnight Eastern USA time. Hope you join in the fun!

Fiona at Paper Ponderings speaks passionately about her life as an artist and shares YELLOW by a fellow artist.

Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming has mysterious YELLOWS.

Sharmon Davidson has some YELLOW Swallowtails and a woven collage that really sings!

Linda Stokes has a great YELLOW still life of the tools in her studio. Check it out!

Elfi has some gorgeous "jump right out at you " YELLOWS! Love the YELLOW buildings and the shot with the rose.

Eric at Cerulean features a series of his YELLOW collages from a recent exhibit. See how different they look on different color backgrounds.

Here are some additional players...

Jennifer found YELLOW in lots of interesting places. I want those boots!

Maya at Take Diversion has natural and man-made YELLOWS. Love the selection of natural dye materials.

Elizabeth at PGFiber2Art has some cheery YELLOWS. I especially love the Peeps car!

Fran at At the End of the Day found YELLOW all around her (and it made her smile:)).

Margaret at Charlton Stitcher has some very special YELLOWS featuring a solar eclipse! Read about her experience.

Lisa at arzigogolare has jubilant YELLOWS!

A late entry but please be sure to stop by...

Susan at Tracemarks for some stunning YELLOW selections!

Here are the dates for Searching for ROY G BIV Round #4 -2015 (the colors of the rainbow and beyond!):
April 16: Green
May 21: Blue
June 18: Indigo
July 16: Violet
August 20: Brown
September 17: Metallic Gold
October 15: Gray
November 19: Pink
December17: Blogger's Choice


  1. ...found your stained glass box...

  2. Some lovely yellow things especially the candlestick! I've just done my yellow post too. Enjoying the challenge, thank you.

  3. Hi Julie, I loved seeing all these intriguing yellow art objects in your home! I have also posted my yellows!

  4. Beautiful collection of Yellow here...especially fond of your family pieces and you enamel piece!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your yellow collection. Your enamel piece is my favorite. I reminds me to the beach. My yellows are online now.

  6. I like the little lady bug box your friend made. I've blogged about the yellows I found here.

  7. It's fun seeing everyone's yellows. Ours are on the blog at

  8. the staindglass...posted mine...enjoy...

  9. une belle pièce émaillé!!!


  10. The vividness of your yellows is magnificent and quite puts mine (now posted belatedly) to shame. I hope you'll excuse my stretching of the rules!

  11. What fun you must have had photographing all of your sunshiny treasures (in the lovely sunshine, not less!). Poppy's flower is so cheerful, and I do love the the enamel piece you made - it's really nice that so many people in your life are part of your yellow "finds" this month!