Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Second Look

The great thing about spending time sorting through things in the studio is that you find projects put aside and fabrics that you thought were only samples but with a second look, could be more.

I'm looking at old projects and realizing I still have the urge to work on them.

There's the abandoned Peace Alphabet from A Letter A Week 2013. I started stitching on it again recently. The individual prints are so small and portable that I can pick one up for even just a few moments of stitching.

Two hamsa hands using blue glue get resist. Now I see the potential for cutting them away from the white fabric and appliqueing them to colorful background fabrics. I'm imagining lots of stitching and possible bead embellishments.

Here's my favorite Adinkra symbol....for strength. I made this as a sample for my Patching, Stitching Weaving: Creating Healing Cloth workshop to show students how to work with reverse applique. I'm thinking about turning it into a small wall hanging.

From the sampler stash using techniques from my new book, Fabric Printing at Home:
Flowers and hearts...I have an idea for a story cloth using at least one of the flowers. The hearts with some embellishment could become some special Valentine's Day gifts.

These monoprints have lots of potential.

I'm going to applique some stenciled flowers I made to one of the prints. With the addition of some stitching, it will become a colorful flower garden. And be turned into a sample for my workshop coming up at Artistic Artifacts.

Sorting and cleaning and finding hidden treasures!


  1. Looks like you found lots of treasures. Isn't that fun? I've been doing that too and looked at some stuff recently and said, "That's really pretty good - I think I'll keep it and see what I can do with it." Love the peace alphabet!

    1. Hi Lynda- Usually my abandoned projects stay abandoned...but this time I was looking at them with a "new" set of eyes and I could see that they still had lots of potential! I'll look forward to seeing where you go with your abandoned projects this next year. Happy New Year to you!!