Monday, December 8, 2014

Open House Fun!

I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon demoing at two open house events. It was a great opportunity to show prospective students some of what I teach and to show off my new book, Fabric Printing at Home! I was also running some giveaways...and who doesn't love a great giveaway!

 I was so lucky to have my wonderful friend, Kathy S. helping out on Friday night at The Art League School Open House and Holiday Party (aka Artfete). What a super saleswoman she is! Her "job" was to talk to people about the special being offered by my publisher, Quarry Books and one by me. Quarry's giveaway was a really nice blank journal featuring collaged images from their line of books with a sticker about my book on it. They also had an opportunity to win some of Quarry's published books. My giveaway featured two different packets of hand printed fabrics. Folks had great fun picking out journals and ooing and ahing about the fabrics. Kathy gathered names and email addresses for my publisher's craft newsletter (Craftside) and also for Julie B Booth Surface Design News. By the end of the night, Kathy reached her goal of two completed sheets of information! (Yippee!)

I had great fun chatting with people, talking about and demonstrating printing techniques. I put out lots of fabric samples to entice people. Some of my students stopped by and many new prospective students who I hope to see in a future class. The highlight of my night was printing the "gatto" block with a pair of sweet  3-year-old identical twin boys who only spoke Italian. I gave each one of them their printed piece and they were beaming with lots of "grazie"s!

Saturday's open house at Artistic Artifacts was equally gratifying...if on a smaller scale. I continued the signups and giveaways. I met a number of interesting and generous teachers who shared their skills with customers (and with me) with take away projects. I focused on veggie printing and chatting up my upcoming class, Fabric Printing at Home: A Kitchen Sampler. I think that customers (and teachers and staff) got the biggest "kick" out of printing with corn-on-the-cob. I got so involved in the activities that I forgot to take photos!

All-in-all a very rewarding weekend!

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