Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrating 333 and Indigo

 My last post was #333. So to celebrate, I decided to make three Roy G Biv Challenge fabrics this month.

Here they are:

If you play along in the Search for Roy G Biv this month (starts tomorrow), you could be eligible to win this packet of three indigo fabrics.

The rules are here. Join us!


  1. WOW the fabric looks so beautiful Julie! I am still admiring the beautiful piece (yellow) that I received in the mail, and making plans of what to do with it. I will be joining in with the INDIGO challenge. It was fun, but unfortunately I did not come up with too much. That being said my post is ready, and it will arrive on my blog early tomorrow morning.
    Thanks so much!


    1. Thanks, Kim. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with the yellow piece. Indigo was difficult. But I'm so glad you plan to play along.

  2. These are beautiful - very subtle.
    I have just posted my attempts at finding indigo - very tricky, but fun to look at my photos with a different colour in mind.
    Thanks, Julie.

    1. Hi Margaret-Looking forward to your photos for Indigo..the most elusive color of the rainbow!