Thursday, April 5, 2012

Textures Part 2: Trees

Tree Textures

Imagine fabrics!


  1. Hello Julie, you kindly came on my blog tracemarks and left me a lovely message (somehow it didn't post to the blog) and that led me over here to your blog. I love these tree markings - and must admit to being a tree trunk addict! Very often you come across trees that have untold stories in their trunks - quite delicious. I am certain that the closer we look at the things around us, the more we manage to observe, the richer our lives become. I do hope you have time to look more and more closely - pay attention as you put it. Enjoy all those moments. warmly, Susan

    1. Thank you Susan. I so appreciate your taking the time to reply and to make your way over to my blog. I was so happy with these photos. They were a bit of a surprise. Some of these trees were so unassuming until I got close up when they revealed their secrets. I will continue to pay attention!