Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorting it Out but First...

Clematis from Laura's garden, Virginia Beach
Sapphire of the garden...

Jellyfish on the bay beach, Virginia Beach
Ruby of the sea...

I have to get back in the studio today. Some projects are nagging at me. I need to test out a few things before the next session of Arresting Resists. I want to experiment with an idea for F.I.N.E. I need to get some things together for the Gallery Shop of Strohl Galleries in Chautauqua (i.e. create some new pieces). I have to think about Mom's 80th coming up next I want to make something for her?

Time to sort some things out...


  1. Add that we need to discuss Roy G Biv to that list. I really like the idea of doing something each month and what better month to start with than May and red?

    1. Funny...I was just thinking about that this morning! When would you like to start?