Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing in the Kitchen: Get Ready for Matzoh

Passover is ending and I don't know about you (if you celebrate) but I'm tired of eating matzoh. Of course, there is always some left. Rather than throw it about turning it into a fabric resist?

About this time last year, I was thinking this very thing. I had all this leftover matzoh and farfel (love that word...basically broken up matzoh) and I was in the middle of my grant project on kitchen perfect. In fact, I experimented by creating six different recipe variations!

Tomorrow, I will provide a step-by-step of one of those recipes. So...gather up your leftover matzoh and a blender and meet me here tomorrow...

P. S.: The wonderful crackle design on the left side of my header was made with a matzoh resist recipe.


  1. Don't know why the idea of a matzoh resist hits me as funny, but it does. Can't wait to see tomorrow's tutorial.

  2. I, of course, love the words "matzoh farfel" which make me fact, the first time I tried these resists I did use the leftover farfel. When I gave my presentation at the guild there was some giggling about "Recipe Farfel #3".