Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stitch-In April 2017

Beautiful shibori-dyed and hand stitch cloth that Ann Z. purchased in Massachusetts.
Still in catch-up mode. Here's what folks were working on at the April Stitch-In...such a variety!

We had two doll makers at the Stitch-In this month, Erika C. and Sandra O.
Erika is continuing work on her Conant Grant project: Re-Imagining Flip Dolls. She brought in a number of dolls, including these beautiful subtle ones in neutrals and white.

Flip dolls by Erika C.
Flip dolls by Erika C.
She also brought in the prototype for her Flip Doll Challenge using sticks as an armature. Erika is looking for people to take part in the Challenge which will become part of a gallery exhibit in early 2018. For more information about taking part go here.

Erika C.: Flip Doll Challenge prototype side one.
Erika C.: Flip Doll Challenge prototype side two.

Sandra brought in a "bottle" doll...worked around an empty soda bottle. Sorry that I didn't get a great photo of the was exquisite!

Sandra O.: Bottle doll.

Here is a detail that will be appliqued to the doll.

Sandra and I met almost 20 years ago when she took my Fiber Sculpture workshop. Here is the doll that she made during that workshop (now owned by a student in my Hand Stitching Continued class...small world!).

Sandra O.: Wire armature doll.
And here is a chair piece that she started in the same class.

Sandra O.: Wire armature chair
Ann Z. brought in a book that she made in a class...combining paper, cloth, printing, and stitching.

Ann Z.

Ann Z.
She also brought in a few of her healing cloths...that she is making with Peggy G. as part of a church project. You can see some of  Peggy's cloths in this post.

Ann Z.

Ann Z.

Ann Z.
Cheryl C.was working on a piece for the Jumpstart in Hand Stitching workshop (The Art League School). You can see the final piece here.

Cheryl C.

Diana G. brought along some of her pieces started in the Boro and Beyond workshop that I taught at Artistic Artifacts this spring. I just love the subtle palette!

Diana G.: From Boro and Beyond workshop

Diana G.: From Boro and Beyond workshop
Holly C. was working on a large piece using a black table runner that she purchased at Ikea (she's found linen yardage there too!). Great experimenting with simple stitches!

Holly C.
Some amazing purchased textiles made there way to the Stitch-In. Ann Z brought the piece at the top of this post (I'm coveting this!!)'s shibori-dyed and then completely stitched with Running stitch.

Cheryl brought in two embroidered pieces that caught her eye at an auction.

Cheryl C.: Purchased stitched piece
Cheryl C.: Purchased stitch piece.

As usual...lots of great discussions and sharing! I so enjoy this get together every month!


  1. There are lots of ordinary days and then classes such as yours that become so special! Group of people gathering, learning and sharing...thanks for also sharing here...much appreciated!

    1. Thank you Mary Ann for always stopping by to look! I'm always amazed by the creative energy at these monthly gatherings!