Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure...Beginnings Recap

Annie G.: Detail from Muse-inspired piece. Annie's Muse was a flowering cactus.

The Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure evening class (The Art League School in Alexandria, VA) is now in it's fifth week...time for a recap!

This class picked up where the Jumpstart in Hand Stitching left off. Hand Stitching Continued shifted into working in color, playing with more dimensional stitches, fabric manipulation and finally the creation of a free-standing sculpture.

This post covers work from the first three sessions: Combining and layering stitches from Jumpstart; Color Backgrounds and Choose Your Muse; and Dimensional Stitches.

The first night we played a little game...sticking the names of stitches covered in Jumpstart into a cup and pulling out pairs of stitches. Each student had there own stitch combinations to work with.

Mary M.: Combining stitches from Jumpstart.
Melanie H.: Combining stitches from Jumpstart.
Susan S.: Combining stitches from Jumpstart.
Susan S.: Combining stitches from Jumpstart
The second class focused on Color. For homework students were asked to Choose a Muse from Nature and answer a number of questions. Color choices were based on those found in each student's Muse.

Mary M.: Journal page about Muse. Mary's Muse was a photo of tree bark.
Mary M. Journal page about Muse.
Susan S.: Journal page about Muse. Susan's Muse was colorful stone.
After painting and printing a selection of fabrics, students then had the chance to create work inspired by their Muse.

Annie G. : Piece inspired by her flowering cactus Muse. With the exception of the burlap, all of these fabrics were painted and printed by Annie.
Annie G.: Edging detail.
Annie G.: Additional pieces inspired by the hand painted fabrics and stitch combinations.
Annie G.: Stitch details.
Susan S.: Susan's Muse and Muse-inspired piece.
In the third class, students learned a selection of dimensional stitches and had the opportunity to play and combine them.

Kate M.: Dimensional stitches sampler.
Mary M.: Dimensional stitches sampler
Susan S.: Dimensional stitches sampler.

The next post will focus on fabric manipulation techniques using stitch.


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    1. Hi Susan- Susan S. used a number of stitches covered in the class together to make the duck...pretty sweet!