Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jumpstart in Hand Stitching Review

Mary M.: Couching fabric strips with a variety of stitches.
For those of you who don't know, I've been juggling a number of classes over the past month or so. I've been teaching the To Tell a Story with Cloth: Impressions, Connections and Memories class during the daytime on Wednesdays and classes in hand stitching on Wednesday evenings (at The Art League School in Alexandria, VA). Now that the daytime class is over, I'm getting caught up with blog posts starting with Jumpstart in Hand Stitching. This was a three 3-hour session workshop that was basically an accelerated (you might call it a "crash" course) version of my 25 hour class. We covered some fabric painting and printing techniques, followed by assignments in Line, Pattern, Texture, and Layers. This class was considered preparation for the Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure class (seven 3-hr evening classes) that is still ongoing. Here is a selection of work by students in the workshop...

Some of the hand painted and printed fabrics created in class.
Painted and printed fabrics.
Freezer paper masks.
Kate M.: Line sampler.
Mary M.: Line sampler
Cheryl C.: Line Challenge
Kate M.: Line Challenge in progress. Kate based this on bacteria in a petri dish.
Cheryl C.: Line, Pattern and Texture sampler.
Mary M.: Pattern and Texture sampler.
Cheryl C.: Texture Challenge.
Cheryl C.: Pattern and Texture Challenge.
Mary M.: Texture and Layers Challenge.
Kate M.: Layers Sampler
Kate M.: Layers Challenge.
Cheryl C.: Layers Challenge.
Annie G.: Layers Challenge.


  1. You students work is always so inspirational. Do you ever have online classes??

    1. Hi Robbie- Thanks for commenting. I haven't set up any online classes...though it is on my list for the future.


  2. What a wonderful variety of explorations..,these classes must be full of energy!

    1. Hi Mary Ann- Yes...it is "a-buzz" during class! Lots of great ideas and give and take.