Sunday, May 28, 2017


Chris V.: Swatch book sample to learn binding.

Yesterday, I taught my Play-with-Your-Fabric-Stash Cloth Book class at Artistic Artifacts. In this class, we haul out our stashes of fabric, threads and other goodies and learn some applique and layering techniques to put together a unique cloth book. I also teach a simple "stab" stitch binding that is based on a Japanese cloth swatch book that a friend of mine gifted me (she's in Japan for 3 years!).

Beth R.: Stab stitch binding sample

Kathy S.: Swatch book sample with turned applique.

Here are some of the pages that students completed during class...along with others that are works in progress.

Beth R.: Trapunto teacup!
Chris V.: Layering with turned and cut away applique. Love the cat fabric!
Chris V.: Trapunto stuffing with some reverse applique. This fabric is one that Chris made (in another class) using PaintStiks.
Etta S.: Layers of painted cheesecloth, Trapunto and stitching.
Etta S.: Reverse side of previous page. Silk threads captured in cheesecloth with stitching.
Etta S.: Trapunto and cut away layers.
Etta S.: Etta designed a "window" page to get peeks of other pages.
Kathy S.: A soft velvet patch layered with netting and stuffed to give it dimension.
Kathy S.: Reverse side of previous piece. Stuffed with stitching details.
Lindy M.: Lindy turned her binding sampler into her book with the addition of a raw-edge applique patch and stitching.
Lindy M.: Another book page with reverse applique windows using dyed lace.
Lindy M.: Some of Lindy's hand-dyed lace fabric stash.
Lindy M.: Trapunto with layers and cut-aways.

Thanks students! I really enjoyed my day with you!


  1. Great class with great people. I know you all had a ball.

  2. Can't help smiling at the thought of all our fabric stashes! Here are some the the lace!