Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stitchy Stuff Part 1

Kate G.: Cover for stitch portfolio. (Spring Hand Stitching class)
 I've been so caught up in putting together my new Power Point program on hand stitching (that I gave last Thursday night) that I haven't had time to post all the stitchy stuff! I hope that you saw yesterday's post about the hand stitching workshop. Here I'll post highlights from the final Hand Stitching (spring) class. Tomorrow I'll focus on pieces I borrowed for the program (new pieces since the winter class).

First up....Spring Hand Stitching...

Peggy G.: Clouds using cheese cloth.

Peggy G.: Clouds using dryer sheets.

Christina H.: Line sampler.
Susan P.: Inside cover design (Spring Hand Stitching class).
Susan P.: Layers for outside front cover design.
Claudia E.
Claudia E.

Claudia E.
Some great work, class!


  1. I know what you busy...have to slow down and read all these great posts. Your students are getting it for sure. I love seeing the variety of work and the talents they possess. Kudos to the teacher!

    1. Thanks, Roxanne- my mind is reeling with ideas! I am going to be busy this summer getting some new classes together..but also hope to get some of my own work done. That is the difficulty...though not a terrible one. Thanks for your comment!