Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 2016 Stitch-In

Ann Z.

Stitchers have been busy! It was so great to see all the creative stitched work.

Ann Z. is putting the finishing touches on her sampler book started in my Hand Stitching class. Here is a sampling of pages...

Ann Z.: Front cover
Ann Z.: Title page
Ann Z.
Ann Z.
Ann Z.
Ann Z.: Front side
Ann Z.: Back side

Jodie F. continues to be inspired by her trip to the beach..

Jodie F.: Adding more details.
Jodie F.
Jodie F.
This was Maria S's first time to the Stitch-in. She brought in some of her rusted fabrics and a number of great books by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn.

Maria S.: Sampler from PM Fiberarts Guild workshop.
Maria S.
Maria S.: Stitching on a new piece.

Peggy G.'s been having fun jumping off from commercial fabrics. I love the spider made from the Spider Web stitch and the flies (Fly stitches) caught in the web. Look closely and you will see the word, YUM in the corner.

Peggy G.
Peggy G.

I finally finished my Hand Stitching sampler book. I had fun working both sides of the title page and then deciding which I wanted to stitch the title to.

Julie B.: Title page
Julie B.: Back side of title page.
I tried spreading it out on the floor (rather than accordion-folding it)...too long for me to get a shot of the whole piece...around 10 feet long!

Julie B.: This is only about a third of the book.

Sarah H. and Lisa B. were also at the bee. And Barbara M-C. popped in for a quick "hi".

I'm really so excited to see all the different stitching directions...such a variety of artistic voices!


  1. Beautiful work, all of it. I hope you will put up more photos of your book; I would love to see all of the pages.

    1. Hi Sharmon- Good to hear fr you! I will probably post more photos...though many are scattered throughout other posts. Just did a book project with my extended family and will be posting more about it here and probably in an upcoming newsletter.