Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stitching with PM Fiber Arts Guild

Maria S.: Stitch sampler.

I had the pleasure of teaching a hand stitching workshop yesterday to members of the PM Fiber Arts Guild. The evening before I gave a presentation about the Good Stitch...stitching with intention. The talk focused primarily on my Hand Stitching class with a couple of "healing" cloth stories at the end. I was also so privileged to have a large number of samples from my Hand Stitching and Story Cloth that members of the guild could see the stitching first hand.

Bekki S.: Stitch sampler.
Dayle G.: Stitch sampler.
Helen B.: Stitch sampler.
Karen F.: Stitch sampler.
Eight members spent the day with me in Linda Syverson Guild's gorgeous studio. The studio is on the top floor of her home...large and airy with skylights and felt like we were up in the trees! Linda was the most gracious host and had arranged all the tables to get the best light (until it poured in the afternoon!).

Karen S.: Stitch sampler
Laurie T.: Stitch sampler
Linda S-G: Stitch sampler

I taught a number of basic stitches, emphasizing how they could be manipulated. I wanted students to have a playful approach and to see what these stitches could do! After completing a sampler, students went on to start work on Challenge pieces.

Dayle G.: Stitch challenge.
Karen F.: Stitch challenge.
Helen B.: Stitch challenge.
Linda S-G: Stitch challenge.

I'm excited to see where these go and hope that students will send photos when they are finished that I can share here.

Laurie T.: Working on her challenge.
Bekki S.: Stitch challenge.
Karen S.: Stitch challenge.
Maria S.: Stitch challenge.

Thank you was a relaxing, enjoyable day of stitching.

P.S.: Hope you will look past the quality of some of these shots...took many as the light disappeared and a storm blew in. Very exciting with the rain pounding on the skylights!


  1. skylights, storms...stitching together....sounds magical and the results are very interesting. I will enjoy seeing the conclusion to some of these beginnings!

    1. Hi Mary Ann- I look forward to seeing the finished pieces too! Enjoyed the day with this group.