Thursday, June 19, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv III: Indigo Update #3

INDIGO---the most elusive of colors. I was back to the photo archives for this month's Search for Roy G Biv (the colors of the rainbow).

The Search led me back to some past posts...

I got to drool over beads from The Bead Goes On.

I remembered a walk down to the local Vienna, VA farmers' market last summer.

I was reminded of my industrious December 2012 when I  Furoshiki-wrapped gifts for all my family and friends.

And healing a pair of jeans that led me on the path to my Healing Cloth class.

I guess INDIGO wasn't as elusive as I thought!

If you'd like to play along in the Search for INDIGO this month just post up to five photos on your blog between today and Saturday and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We will link to your post. I'll be updating as I receive comments. Have fun!

Jennifer is intrigued by INDIGO. Love Ellie and Grace's Roy G Biv!
Fiona at Paper Ponderings has a lovely INDIGO cyanotype and is pondering dichotomies.
Maya at Million Little Stitches discovered some INDIGO tiles and Google doodles for the World Cup.
Susan at Flying Dog Studio has some neighborhood INDIGO (Pogo's soooo cute!).
Jill at Recycled Daze has some local (and artistic) INDIGO.
Yarngoddess is mixing up some INDIGO over on her blog!
Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming has some artistic INDIGOS.

Margaret at Charlton Stitcher has some architectural INDIGOS.

I'm off to Virginia Beach to see my friend Laura for a long Solstice weekend. I look forward to seeing more INDIGO treasures when I return!

A late entry from Lisa at arzigogolare...a bit of INDIGO from Florence and the U.S. west coast.

Here are future Roy G Biv dates and colors:
July 17: Violet
August 21: Pink
September 18: Black
October 16: White
November 20: Brown
December 18: Blogger's Choice


  1. I love those beads, Julie! More indigo over at my place - best wishes, sus

  2. Love the beads! I found the "real" indigo in a pot. :)

  3. Your first photo took my breath away ... so beautiful! Love all your choices. I too have posted my Indigo finds ... this is great fun!

  4. Couldn't resist a shot of the first grade Color Day performance - especially when I realized they'd included 2 blues and 2 purples. Love your healing jeans!

  5. Those beautiful beads at the top of your post are show stunning shades of blue ... wonderful. Mine will follow tomorrow as I was overtaken by events today.

  6. Just posted my selection of indigos - I struggled this time, I will admit. It is definitely the hardest colour to pin down, but fun nonetheless.

  7. such rich colored photos, very nice!