Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fabrics with a Latin Twist

This past Sunday, I taught my Latin American Influences: Textile Inspirations class. It was a small group but we covered a lot of ground in six hours.

One student, Michelle C., collects Latin American textiles. She was nice enough to bring in a few pieces. I always love it when I get the chance to see new textile works from this part of the world. They are SO colorful and the motifs (such as the small birds) are so cheery in their simplicity.

This was Michelle's first experience carving blocks and printing fabric. She definitely has a knack as well as a feel for color.

My other student, Marilyn D., is a returning student. It was a pleasure to have her in class again. I just love the incised foam flower block and the scaredy cat!

Thanks for a fun day!

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