Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting into the Blues

No, this is not supposed to be a promo for the next Roy G Biv search (though it is blue this month)!

I've started work on my Crossroads piece. I've been painting blue fabrics..some are more blue-gray or turquoise, but I wanted a full range. I've been using some resist techniques to give them more interest.

I've been cutting the fabrics up into small squares.

Top sample: Two layers of cloth with raw edge appliqued crosses which also act as quilting. A small patch of reverse applique. Bottom sample: Stuffed patch with raw edge applique.

I've been experimenting with two possible ways to go. The interesting thing is that both of these sample ideas have many of the same elements but the required hand and machine sewing come at different points in the process.

I've been considering doing two pieces, each using one of the techniques.

Now I believe that the stuffed squares will be in blues but the flatter squares with overlapping crosses and reverse applique will be in more neutral colors. I have some coffee dyed fabric I made a couple of weeks ago...that will be my starting point.

I also realized while working with the blues that I need even more contrast in the shades and tints. I'll be painting some darker blues today.

A good start.

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