Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Savannah Walk #1

Just so you know, I'm not in Savannah proper (aka the city). I'm here on Skidaway Island in a place called The Landings. My parents have been living here for the past 17 years or so.

I've decided to try to post each day. Photos from my morning walks. These walks are a chance to get my thoughts in order and prepare for whatever the day may hold.

I'm also hoping that as I think about my parents' situation on these walks, I might learn a little something.

Today I thought about curiosity and wonder.

It's important to stay curious throughout your life. Don't stop being curious.

Today, I found these markings on the walk. They looked liked spray paintings of Saturn to me. And although I know that they are markings for gas or cable lines, I had great fun following where they led me.

These curious marks seemed to be a secret language.

It's also important to still find wonder. I notice that sometimes nature gives us a kick in the pants to remind us about that!

This morning, I walked out the front door and there perched on the railing was a crow. It stood there looking at me.

I started off to walk and suddenly said, Hey, this is not something you see everyday! So I went back and took a couple of photos. The crow seemed perfectly content to hang out for a while.


  1. A stunning post. Thinking of you and your family and the decisions that are being faced. Love you!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. It's been up and down so far. We are trying to figure out the possibilities. Getting out in the morning has been helpful.

  2. You are just so right about curiosity and wonder - and how important it is to stay curious and continue to experience wonder throughout life.
    Maybe those of us who view the world with an artistic eye have a head start on wonder - it's there in our genes and part of what we try to celebrate as we work ....

    1. I always love it when nature "wakes us up" and we really see something. Once our eyes are opened we begin to see so much more. That can also happen when we approach our artwork...all those "what ifs"...maybe a combination of curiosity and wonder.