Thursday, May 2, 2013

Color Sampler

Yesterday, I decided to sit down and sew together a number of samples for my new Just Gelatin class. I then sorted through and picked out samples for some of my other upcoming classes: Latin American Influences and Inspired by Nature.

I find it fun to lay the samples out next to each much color!

Today, I drove on over to G Street Fabrics with the various samples so that they could get them up in the display cases to advertise the classes.

I've been working on straightening up the studio a bit...organizing class samples...and getting ready for my son's return.

My son, Aaron, is graduating from college on Saturday! Can't believe four years have gone by. We will be negotiating the studio space...stay tuned!


  1. OMG (gosh, that is)! Happy graduation to Aaron!

    Somehow, I just hadn't realized that graduation was so soon after seeing you in DC. Your mind must be total whirling with all that's happening/changing. Good luck with negotiating studio space. My vote is that you get to keep it all to yourself...


    1. Aaron and I will certainly have to work that one out. I'm hoping a desk in his room plus his TV from school might entice him to stay out of the studio!?

      It's been a crazy week with stuff going on with my folks and I haven't had much time to even realize that Aaron (and Mark and I) are going through this major milestone.