Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Permission Slip
 It's a silly thing, really.

Giving yourself permission.

Today, during a meeting of my group, F.I.N.E., we had a serious discussion about where the group was going. We've been having some growing pains as a number of us are working through transitions in our artwork.

We have a show scheduled for the end of the year with a theme that we've been trying to work with for the past two years.

It seemed like an exciting theme back then, and still an interesting one. But, I've been feeling locked into what I started two years ago.

Today, one of the artists in the group said...Do what is calling to you. We can make it work in the show.

She gave me permission. And then I realized, I had to give myself permission too.

Why is it so hard to do that sometimes?

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