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Fall 2022 Zoom Classes with Julie B. Booth Experimental Hand Stitching and Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch


Experimental Hand Stitching: Texture Sampler

10/7/22 Fall Zoom Class Update: We had a great time in the September Experimental Hand Stitching classes. Now on to the November Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch classes. PLEASE NOTE: The Tuesday morning class section is now FULL. The Wednesday evening class section still has space and I'd love for you to join me for this deep dive into a versatile stitch. See the info below and then email me to register: Thanks!-- Julie

I'm gearing up for my 2022 Fall Zoom classes and I hope you will consider joining me for some exciting exploratory stitching. Both multi-session classes take a deep dive into hand stitching...pushing you to get creative with basic stitches...getting you to stretch and realize the potential in them. 

In both classes you will receive weekly Journal Prompts/Exercises and a selection of Stitch Challenges to get you focused so that you explore with intention. This combination of sketching/writing and stitching has worked for my students over the many years that I've taught hand stitching. I want to help you to develop your own stitching "voice" and this technique is a great way to do it.

Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch Sampler and Stitch Journal

I am offering two class sections for both the Experimental Hand Stitching and Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch classes. A Tuesday morning group and Wednesday evening group to hopefully cover different time zone constraints. All times are EST (I live in the Washington DC area if that helps pinpoint the time difference for you!). All class sessions will be recorded and recordings will remain available for students to view for two months after the final class session. 

There will be an optional Meet and Greet a week before the start of class so you can meet your fellow classmates, followed by three 2.5 hour class sessions. See below for specific dates and times. The cost of each class is $100. I will be offering a $25 (plus shipping) Stitching Kit for the Experimental Hand Stitching class only. Please contact me at to ask questions, register, receive a supply list or order a kit. Hope to see you in class this Fall!-- Julie

Experimental Hand Stitching with Julie B. Booth
Each week we explore a new theme and basic hand stitches that relate to that theme. Themes include: Line; Pattern and Rhythm; and Texture. Although this is my beginning level hand stitching class, the Stitch Challenges are for any level. To entice some of you more confident hand stitchers, I am including, for the first time, Further Exploration Stitch Challenges. These challenges will push students a bit further and include additional techniques (such as surface design, fabric collage for example). Supply list available or optional $25 (plus shipping) Stitching Kit. Contact me at for more info.

Experimental Hand Stitching: Texture sampler

Experimental Hand Stitching: Patterns with Looped Stitches

Experimental Hand Stitching Class Dates 

Tuesday Morning Class Section (10:00 AM-12:30 PM EST)
-- September 6 Meet & Greet
-- Sept 13, 20, 27

Wednesday Evening Class Section (6:30-9:00 PM EST)
--September 7 Meet & Greet
-- September 14, 21, 28

Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch
This is a new class and a new concept. We will focus on one stitch..the Buttonhole/Blanket stitch and explore it in depth. I'm so excited about this new class! I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into this stitch while preparing for my first Stitch Club lesson. I'll admit that until I took the opportunity to study this stitch, it was not a favorite. But ...Boy when I had the chance to play with many possibilities opened up for me and I realized its versatility and potential. I now want to share what I've learned with you and see what you discover too! We will explore using the stitch to create different qualities of line; building shapes and patterns, layering and coming off the surface including buttonhole laces. I can't wait! Supply list available. Contact me at

Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch Class Dates

Tuesday Morning Class Section (10:00 AM-12:30 PM EST) FULL
-- October 25 Meet & Greet
--November 1, 8, 15

Wednesday Evening Class Section (6:30-9:00 PM EST) 
-- October 26 Meet & Greet
-- November 2, 9, 16

Blanket Stitch sampler

Blanket Stitch sampler

Buttonhole lace

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