Sunday, November 12, 2017

Salon Sixty: My 60th Birthday Celebration

The sign that greeted me!
When contemplating turning sixty this year, I realized that I really only wanted one thing. The question was...could I give myself permission to ask. I decided to run my request by one of my students (and friend), Ann Z. I told her...what I really want is work by my that represent them. She thought it was a fabulous idea and suggested we throw a party too! Things began to take shape...a party with an art show of stitched works! I even came up with a name, Salon Sixty. I wanted the party to be an event where students/friends could meet and mingle and look at art works. We decided to have the party at Artistic Artifacts...really just the perfect spot (and thanks to owner, Judy Gula...we were able to shop too!). I sent the request out to my students. Jodie F. stepped forward and offered to help out with the party. She was the wiz with the spread sheet! I really have Ann and Jodie to thank for all the organization and special touches that made this party so great!

Hugs upon my arrival.
Putting together my name tag (I think everyone knew who I was!).
Hanging out with my colorful buds!
Friends catching up with each other.
Enjoying the art show and having a laugh!
Hanging out and having fun!
The beautiful book that Jodie F. put together. Party-goers were asked to write something about stitching, art, life etc.
Even hubby was there!
Some of the stitched art works.
More art works.
And even more!
The cake!!
A toast to 60!
Blowing out the candles (and making a wish!).
Speech! Speech!
I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful creative community. Salon Sixty was such a beautiful event. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your beautiful works of art. Thank you, friends for ushering me into the next decade!

Party favors...hand painted cheesecloth.
Ann Z summed it up so well...
It was a lovely night, Julie. It was like being in a river of kindness and creativity. And color.

Next blog post...the art works!

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  1. What a great party...easy smiles, tasty food and friendship all around you and this art of stitching. Fun!