Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kitchen Couture at Artistic Artifacts

Marine W.: Autumn scarf in process.
This past Saturday, I taught my workshop, Kitchen Couture: Print-Your-Own-Scarves at Artistic Artifacts. I had four very industrious and talented students.

Marine W.: Autumn scarf in process.
Marine W.: Adding the final layer.
We covered a number of printing techniques and created a number of print blocks including: hot glue on cardboard, adhesive craft foam and Speedy Carve.

Lexi T.: Printed with a cabbage!
Lexi T.: Detail of cabbage prints.
We also printed with fruit and vegetables...some that we carved.

Marjie C: Corn and Star Fruit prints.
Jodie F.: Rubbings and prints with hot glue blocks.
There was a lot of experimenting, a lot of beautiful color mixing and just a fun day!

Jodie F.: Corn prints, plastic needlepoint canvas and Speedy Carve blocks (scissor blocks designed and carved by me).
Lexi T.: Corn prints and adhesive craft foam block.
Lexi T.: Detail.
Marine W.: Detail of scarf printed with corn and Speedy Carve fish.
Marine W.: Rubbings with hot glue block.
Marine W.: Monoprinting.

Marine W.: Final scarf
Marjie and Lexi working on scarves.
Marjie C.: Scarf printed with foam and adhesive foam blocks.
Thanks students...great work!

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  1. Such an interesting mix...I like the dipping into solid color as a unifying factor but i also like the crisp white between stamps. A full day!!!