Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun with Handmade Stencils

Day of the Dead sugar skulls by Denise R.

Last weekend, I taught Fun with Handmade Stencils at Artistic Artifacts.

We created stencils from freezer paper, packing tape and shelf liner. We played with layering textures. Students learned about designing multi-colored stencils and working with bridges. Here are the results:

Denise working with a freezer paper stencil.
More sugar skulls!
Denise R.: Packing tape stencil printed with a texture.
Buffy K.: Packing tape stencil.
Buffy also played with some freezer paper masks.
Combining the masks with the stencil.
Peggy G.: Packing tape stencil. Using more than one color through the stencil.
Peggy G.: Freezer paper stencil with multiple colors.
I even jumped in to play with stencils!
Detail of one of my freezer paper stencils. I used two different stencils to create this print.

Thanks students for an enjoyable class!

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