Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowy Weekend with the Waterford Weavers

Alice A.

 This past weekend, I had the pleasure of teaching a two-day workshop to a local weaving guild called, Waterford Weavers.

Penny S.

The workshop was a bit "touch and go" with a snowstorm interrupting our first day. But my intrepid students came in for a few hours on Saturday and then dug out for a very full day on Sunday.

Robin M.

We covered lots of techniques from my book, Fabric Printing at Home. I only wish we'd had a bit more time to print. I hope that they will continue...their sampler fabrics held much promise.

Anna H.

Thanks for a great class!

Caroline H.

Rita C.
Marjorie H.


  1. I love your photography. As the newsletter editor for Waterford Weavers Guild, would you grant permission for me to publish the photos in our newsletter? I would like, especially those who didn't come out in the snow, to see what we did! Penny Solomon,

    1. Sure, Penny! I have a few more that I can send in an email...just wanted to limit to one photo per student for the blog post.

  2. How I'd love a'Waterford Weavers' close to my home ... They sound a great bunch!

    1. We're so lucky to have so many fiber-oriented guilds in the Washington DC area. This was a great bunch of ladies...the crazy weather didn't keep them away from a weekend of trying something new!