Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Itchin' to Stitch and Roy Reminder

After seeing what students were working on my Story Cloth class, I found myself itchin' to stitch!

I first decided to finish the second of two reversible placemats with a hand stitched border. I have one of these featured in my upcoming book, Fabric Printing at Home. I incised recycled foam to create the designs.


Next, I decided to get a start on my own story cloth! I printed the butterfly (or moth?) design (see above) also as a book sample (another recyclable!). I think some hand stitching on the butterflies will add a bit of punch to the piece. Because the butterflies were flying off the edges of the fabric, I decided to add some border strips. Usually, I add these at the end but I'm planning to stitch a bit on the borders as well. I want to use this piece for a sample for a class I'll be teaching at Artistic Artifacts on January 31 and February 1 called, Fabric Printing at Home: A Kitchen Sampler.

Needles from Papillon Creative's Etsy shop.

One of the reasons I got so itchy, was these new needles! One of my students, Barbara Mathews-Cieleszky, has a wonderful online shop called, Papillon Creative. She brought these lovely needles and some beautiful threads to class...and we all went on a little shopping spree! The needles are made by a French company and they are so superior to what you can get at the local craft store. I especially love the applique needles...so strong and sharp...you just want to sew with them!!!

Barbara also has some other lovely hand goods and craft supplies in her Etsy shop.

And now for the reminder....Roy is coming on Thursday!!! For those of you unfamiliar with Roy, he's a very colorful fellow! Of course, I'm talking about Roy G Biv, (the colors of the rainbow), and our monthly blog hop. We're a bit beyond the rainbow now and this month's color is BROWN. This Thursday, November 20, post up to five BROWN photos on your blog and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog and we will link to your blog post. It's lots of fun so hope you join in this month!!

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