Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Orange Circles Fabric and More Giveaway News

 Last night, I finally finished the Orange Circles giveaway fabric. For the last layer of printing, I flipped the milk top over and printed with the concentric ring design on the inside of the top.

I really like the simple...using just two "found" objects I had in my house---a milk bottle top and a C battery. This is just one of many ideas I have in store for you in my book, Fabric Printing at Home! The book is coming out in December but right now you have a chance to win a signed book plate (just like getting a signed book copy!) and will also be entered in my fabric giveaway.

Wouldn't this book make a great gift for you or a crafty friend? Wouldn't it be great to have it signed (via a book plate) by the author? Wouldn't you like the chance to win some fun fabrics to play with?

All this can be yours by following the directions here.

AND GUESS WHAT!?!?...I'm extending the pre-order giveaway an extra week! Now you have until November great is that!?

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