Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Priceless Gift

Yesterday afternoon, there was a quick knock at the door. I saw the UPS driver get into his truck. Outside was a large box.

We are always purchasing items online. I assumed it was for my husband, but it was for me. I wracked my brain...what did I buy that was this large that I couldn't remember?

Then I saw the return address. It was from my friend Martha's daughter. I dragged the box inside.

It took me a while to open it. I had an idea of what it might be. I wanted to be in the right frame of mind... quiet and contemplative.

Finally, I opened it.

Inside was a well-wrapped frame with a note attached:

...Enclosed is a piece from my mother's portfolio that reminded me of the kind of "lively" and "creative" discussions you had shared with her. I thought you would enjoy having it...

I was speechless.

I am so grateful to have a piece of my friend's work. I've been gazing at it and wondering what she was thinking when she chose each piece of paper. How she decided to place one piece on top of another. Why there is a dark void in the center.

I wish I could have a talk with her about it.

Thank you dear Kate for your priceless gift!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so excited to have it. Martha and I used to talk about our work with each other. She was very unassuming when it came to her work. After she passed away, her daughter invited me to help document her pieces. I was so surprised by how many works she'd made. I still miss her a lot.