Sunday, July 13, 2014

Roy Reminder and Summer Fun

I'm a bit behind in my monthly Roy reminder. You can see that I've been busy having some summer fun with family. is the reminder...The Search for Roy G Biv (the colors of the rainbow) continues this coming Thursday, July 17. The color of the month is VIOLET. Hope you are out searching and plan to post up to five photos featuring VIOLET. When you do, leave a comment here or on Jennifer's blog and we will link to you for our monthly blog hop. It's lots of fun and we are always looking for more to join in.

Here are a few photos of this summer's project...small books of summer textures featuring teabag pages. If you want to know more about printing on teabags, read about it here. We made covers from brown paper and painted them...all the colors of the rainbow!

Poppy working hard on two book covers.
Kai's stripes became a plaid cover for his book.
Grandma printing leaves for the inside of her book.
We also printed with shells.
Poppy made tracings for one of her books.
A colorful selection of books!

Hope you are enjoying your summer too. I'd love to know about your summer art projects.

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