Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Printed Fabric Bee Mosaic Collection Giveaway

It's time for another fabric giveaway from The Printed Fabric Bee. This month's Queen was Lesley Riley. She requested the theme, mosaics and the colors yellow, orange, purple and fuchsia. Here is her inspiration photo:

The Hive got to work and here is this month's very colorful giveaway collection of 6" squares:

After some false starts, I decided to keep it simple this month. On one of my trips to the local dollar store I picked up these foam counting blocks. I found the foam marshmellows at my local Michael's craft store.

Many of the counting blocks were already attached looking like a set of tiles. I reinforced them with masking tape.

I wanted the circle design to overprint the tiles but look like it was actually part of the tile. I used my x-acto knife to cut a cross in the center to match up with the intersection of four tiles.

I used my favorite fabric paints, Pebeo Setacolor. To create the background color, I mixed two transparent colors: Cobalt Blue and Parma Violet and added water (ratio 1 part paint to 2 parts water).

This created a rich violet-blue which I painted on the fabric with a foam brush and then put aside to dry.

Next I mixed up a series of Pebeo Setacolor Opaque colors in cream, orange, yellow and violet. I decided to use a foam brush to apply paint in order to give the prints a bit of texture. I painted the taped counting blocks with the cream, occasionally leaving an unpainted square.The painted tile block was turned over onto the violet-blue background and pressed to release the paint.

After printing the entire background with square tiles, I went in with individual foam squares and the incised circle to overprint colors.

Here is the final 12" square piece for Lesley.

Now for the giveaway particulars...Leave a comment on Lesley's blog or over at The Printed Fabric Bee Facebook page under the picture of the Mosaic Fabric Giveaway. You have until March 15 to leave a comment. Lesley will draw a name and post the winner on her blog and on the FB page. It's really a colorful collection this month. Lots of Spring colors...do you think we're ready for Winter to end?!


  1. Counting Blocks - now who would have thought they'd create a cool printing opportunity!

    1. After some misfires trying to design this fabric, I found them on a shelf in the studio. Ah-ha! Instant tiles! Had to go simple this month. I was so impressed by your beautiful fabric. Love what you're doing with the ice-snow dyeing...do you think it would work with paint?