Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Search Begins Anew! Roy G Biv Challenge: Red Update #3

 Time for some Red...The "R" in Roy.
I have to admit that it's been a crazy couple of weeks both personally and professionally. I didn't have much time to search. I have some Savannah Red and a Red from last summer...beautiful currants...which I'd never seen before. They are like jewels!

Looking forward to seeing your Red today!
If you're wondering what this is all about, see this post for more info. Hope you'll join in the fun. Feel free to post up to midnight on Saturday, January 18th. Leave a comment here or on Jennifer's blog and we'll link to your post.

Hop on over to Jennifer's blog for more Red. Love those huge Red snails!
Bridgette at Contemplating the Moon made a game of Red with her children this week...what fun!
Maya at Million Little Stitches has lots of urban Red.
Margaret at Charlton Stitcher had fun looking around her immediate surroundings...some cheery Red on a gray January day. 
Cindi at The Organic Manic posted some Red printing experiments, wonderful Japanese gift wrap,  a bit of a surprise (for me!) and even dressed for the occasion! 
Blue Sky Dreaming has some mysterious Red. 
Fiona at Paper Ponderings is thinking about Kurt Vonnegut and Red
Susan at Flying Dog Studio shares her favorite color, Red! 
Jill at Recycled Daze shows us some neon Red. 
Yarn Goddess at Sooner or Later has lots of fiber Reds. 
 Franciose at Creatilfun has some fresh that mushroom! 
Sharmon Davidson has some up close Reds. 
Lisa at Arzigogolare has some wonderful and creative glimpses of Red
A late entry from Joan...Red from the National Sculpture Garden...



  1. Those currants are almost jewel like. Never eaten fresh currants. My red finds should be up on my blog in the next two hours.Waiting to do a blog hop soon to see more red.

  2. Hello again - I've posted red over on my blog - not as inviting as your currents but I hope they will cheer a miserable January day.

  3. Beautiful! currants! They are very popular for decorating sweets here - & I suppose their tartness makes a good contrast to sugary treats. Red is definitely a good way to infuse some life into this wintery season. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie, & I hope you've been well (I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog once I get back into the swing of things)...

    1. It's good to hear from you Lisa. I'm trying to get back into more blogging myself..been away a lot recently.