Sunday, January 5, 2014

Savannah Textures and the Return of Roy (G. Biv)

It's been six months since I was last in Savannah. It's also been four months since I was able to take a nature walk. I've been battling Plantar Faciitis since the beginning of the summer. It finally got so bad I had to do something about it. So...I now have custom inserts. After gradually building up my ability to wear them, I decided to re-initiate my walks while visiting my folks. Anyone who's battled this condition knows that it can be pretty frustrating. I was heart broken having to stop my daily routine of hourly walks. Walking is a great meditation and I often work out artistic challenges during that time. But sometimes having a physical challenge can push you in a new direction. I now have a daily stretching and yoga routine. I'm up early and on the mat every day!

It was good to get out in the fresh air, even for a short walk (testing my feet!). Of course, I took my camera along to see what caught my attention.

Today it was one of my favorites...textures! In particular, tree textures. So enjoy!

Now for Mr. Roy! Yes...he has returned. Jennifer and I are starting Round 3 of the Searching for Roy G Biv (RedOrangeYellow Green BlueIndigoViolet)Challenge. Jennifer has a wonderful post today about the history of Roy. It all started with this post:
Searching for Roy G Biv

Yellow.... nuf said

This time we've decided to plan out the whole year with colors and dates. For a quick synopsis...each month participants search for the color of the month. Take photos and post them (up to 5 is suggested but we aren't sticklers!) on your blog on the designated day (3rd Thursday of the month). Make a comment on this blog or on Jennifer's blog. We will link to your blog. It's a colorful blog hop and lots of fun! Feel free to join in at any point during the year...the more the merrier! Hope to see lots of red posts on January 16th

Here are the dates and colors for 2014:
January 16 - red
February 20 - orange
March 20 - yellow
April 17 - green
May 15 - blue
June 19 - indigo
July 17 - violet
August 21 - pink
September 18 - black
October 16 - white
November 20 - brown
December 18 - blogger's choice
P.S.: We will send out a reminder about a week before. 


  1. Aaaah...Savannah. Not a bad place to begin walking again. Only been there once and would love to visit again...go to SCAD and just wander around. I hope your feet are becoming more accustomed to the inserts. Can't imagine the pain you've had.

    I love that you included the original Roy post. It's the "nuf said" that had me googling him...and the rest is history.

    Enjoy your time in Savannah. Let me know if you need anything and don't hesitate to call.

    1. Hoping to get to some of the museums but depends on how my Dad is doing. He's back home after a short time in Hospice. He seems to be doing a bit better than he did when he arrived on Sunday. Round-the-clock care is helping for the time being. Looking forward to another year of Roy.

  2. LOVE these textures - trees are always a great delight for me but these are just stunning. The photos whet my appetite for Roy - I'll be there!

    1. Trees and tree textures always have a special place in my heart! Glad that you're enjoying them! Also so happy to hear you are up for another round of Roy!

  3. Hello, I was wondering how you sign up for the Roy G Biv challenge for 2014

    1. Hi Teresa- There's no sign up required. Just post photos of the month's color on your blog on the designated date (see list in post) and leave a comment here or on Jennifer's blog. We'll link to your blog and others so you can see all the color posts. It's a fun way to get to know people and to see color from around the world. You're not obligated to do it every month...Let me know if you have any other questions and hope to see some red on your blog on Jan. 16th!